A Blast from the Past

That's me, above and on the left,
about 35 years ago, around the time
"King Of The Cops"
was released (actually, it escaped...)
But, even today, people ask me why I
left Show Business.
The fact is, my act was going downhill
The awful, terrible truth was that,
without realizing it, I had become
painfully, excruciatingly, agonizingly
and insufferably . . .


 Hi There!
Remember the record?
Really?? Great!
(So you're the one!)

Well, if you're 40-Something or over and listened
to BBC Radio 1 or watched
  TOP OF THE POPS on TV it may "ring a bell."

See KING OF THE COPS on BBC TV’s Top Of The Pops

On Live TV Show

 Disco Cops TV Show:



















 OK, OK - - JUST KIDDING! The fact is I quit live performing in 1980 for a new career in sales and
marketing. My pregnant wife was expecting our daughter at the time and, after many miscarriages,
advised to go to bed for 6 months to ensure reaching full term. I felt I needed a new challenge
and went into the exciting area of direct sales where I spent the next 25 years.                         














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