Bigger Breaks - More TV Comedy Shows
Command Performance, Savoy Hotel, 1980
My Recording Manager and Music Press visit...I’m hit with News of My Hit
And into oblivion...
Comedy Stand-Up Patter Routine..
One man and
his Dog-End
Topping The Bill...                               A Favourite Venue
I Get a Record Deal

Big Break - National TV Comedy Series "Now Who Do You Do?"

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'So, Janet...Now Who do you do?'
As Benny Hill:
'Thank you sir!'
As Harold Steptoe:
'You dirty old man!'
As Tommy Cooper:
'Just like that!'
As Kojak:
'Who loves ya baby?'
As Sam McCloud:
'There you go!'
"A funny thing happened...
on the way to the theatre tonight...
God I hate this gag!"
The Single Cover (Swedish version)
Promo Shot for Local Rag
Official ITV promo shot 1976
'Pantomania', myXmas Show,          Sheffield 1978
In New York on the QE2
   transatlatic run, 1979

Trumpet and Vocal

Stand-Up impression

Tribute to Frankie Vaughan
Stompin' At The Savoy
Youve got a hit!
Pinch me, I'm dreaming
No, you’re in The Top 20!
OK, photos, but
first a fag, a fag
Calm down,
calm down
Of course it was only a matter of time...
Just call me 'Mr Sincerity'
That's enough,
Big Head!
Flippin' heck...
We really did it
Biggest Break of All - 1/4 Million Selling Hit Record
And into obliviaon. ..